Seminar 4 october: Answering questions with semantic knowledge


"Between services as Siri, Ok Google and Alexa, speech interfaces are becoming more prevalent these days. These type of interfaces are radically different from our normal interfaces. There are no buttons or text fields, instead we simply talk to them. Though impressive, the language understanding capabilities of these devices is limited to specific phrases.

Can we uplift these type of systems to be liberated from its predefined script? At the ING-university we try to create a system that can answer any normal question based on a formal specification of knowledge. In this seminar we will show you the techniques we employ to attempt to achieve this goal. Join us in an journey along semantic web, natural language processing, speech recognition and robotics."

This evening seminar will be presented by Dilhan J. Thilakarathne from the ING University and Ralf Wolter from Sogyo.

Dilhan has a Ph.D. at the VU University Amsterdam under Prof. Jan Treur. His background includes Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, together with research interests of human cognitive modelling, rule based systems, behavioural informatics, knowledge representation and reasoning, natural language processing.

Ralf Wolter is een senior engineer within Sogyo. He has a background in knowledge systems and AI combined with lots of experience in complex software engineering environments.

Dilhan and Ralf are working together within the ING University on applying scientific research topics in the business context of the ING. They will share their experiences, lessons learned and further research topics.

You are welcome to eat a sandwich from 18.00 and the seminar starts at 18.45 until about 21.15.

To attend to this seminar please enlist via sending an email to Needless to say, but to be sure, the seminar will be presented in English.

Sogyo boerderij
Landgoed Sandwijck
Utrechtseweg 301, De Bilt