16 november: Sogyo-seminar “Spreadsheet users are just like programmers”


The use of spreadsheets is very common in industry, an estimated 90% of all analysts in industry perform calculations in. Spreadsheet developers are in fact end-user programmers that are usually not formally trained software engineers. There are many of those end-user programmers, more than there are traditional programmers, and the artifacts they create can be just as important to an organization as regular software.

Technically, spreadsheets also have similarities to software. One could view spreadsheet formulas as little pieces of source code, since both consist of constants, variables, conditional statements and references to other parts of the software. It therefore seems logical to research what principles from software engineering are also applicable to spreadsheets.

That is exactly what Felienne Hermans does in her research, that she will tell you about in this talk. She will look at known software engineering concepts, like code smells, refactoring and software architecture, and explains how these concepts relate to spreadsheets, and how known results in SE can be transferred to the domain of spreadsheets.

Kortom: Felienne Hermans, promovendus aan de TU Delft, komt woensdag 16 november bij ons langs om hier meer over te vertellen.

We beginnen de avond om 18:00 uur met een kopje soep en een broodje. Tegen 19:00 uur starten we met het programma.

Dit seminar wordt gegeven voor Sogyo-medewerkers. Heb je interesse en zou je graag aanwezig willen zijn? Neem dan contact op met André Boonzaaijer via 030-220 22 16 of academy@sogyo.nl voor meer informatie.